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13 August 2006 @ 12:18 pm
So yeah, here's the happy alternate ending to Coming and Going that I made special for keeponreaching...

"I love you." He said after her.

He wondered if she heard him.

He wasn't sure what he wanted the answer to be so when she stopped dead in her tracks, he panicked.

She turned around quickly.

"What?" She asked sharply.

She stalked back to him.

He looked her square in the eye. "You heard me."

She glared at him and they held each other's gaze for a minute or so.

And then he was being pushed.

Veronica's little hands were ramming into his chest, moving him back with every push.

"I can't believe you!" She pushed. "What the fuck is wrong with you?!" Push. "You're such a jackass!" Push. "Why would you say that?!" Push. "Huh?" Push. "Huh?" Push.

She was growing hysterical, so Logan gripped her shoulders, stilling her.

"Because it's true." He said calmly.

Veronica's face contorted. "No." She shook her head.

He looked at her sternly. "Yes."

She searched his face. "I hate you," she cracked. She wasn't sure if she was trying to convince him or herself.

Before he could respond, her lips were on his.

He was frozen as she roughly pulled his head towards her own. Her fingers splayed in his hair and pulled him closer.

He was finally pulled out of his stupor and dipped his head to catch her lips. He deepened the achingly chaste kiss and she responded by slipping her arms around him. One hand grasped his shoulder for support and the other stayed in his hair.

She pulled away suddenly, gasping, as he did the same.

Veronica laughed softly, "This is so messed up."

"Story of my life." He responded.

She laughed lightly and then turned serious. "This can't work Logan. We found out the hard way two times before. We don't work. Someone always gets hurt."

He just looked at her.

Then she added softly, "And most of the time it's you."

"We can make it work, Veronica. We can make it," he half pleaded.

She looked hesitant. "I'm leaving, Logan. Tomorrow."

"I'll come with you."

She out right laughed. "You're insane."

"I have nothing keeping me here," he argued. "The only thing that could keep me in this god damned town is leaving. Tomorrow."

She genuinely smiled. "This is insane."

He smiled back and pressed his forehead against hers. "But you're thinking about it."

"We have a lot to work through, Logan. If you haven't noticed, we both have issues."

Logan laughed loudly.

"They're not just gonna go away." She finished.

"Is that a yes?"

She paused. "Yeah, yeah. I guess."

He pulled her in for a hug and swung her around. She squealed and giggled.

"I'm leaving tomorrow morning at 8. Get ready, it's gonna be a long car ride." She advised.

"I'll be there at 7 to help put the boxes in my car."

"Your car? What makes you think we're taking the yellow beast?"

"More space?"

She opened her mouth to respond but came up with nothing.

He grinned in triumph. "I win."

"If you consider convincing my dad I'll be safe with you, winning, than yes, you win."

Logan grimaced forgetting about one Mr. Mars.

Veronica sighed but smiled. "Well, I actually have to go now. I'm meeting said dad for dinner."

"See you tomorrow."

She started to walk off the field but stopped.

She faced him. "I love you too."

He smiled.

She smiled.

And then the rain stopped.

The End.

Tell me what you think! I honestly think I prefer the original ending but maybe that's just me. Comments are love!